Toxic Incinerator News

2003.04.25 -
The media content on the website has been restored. All released TI material is now available for
download (again). You can also get a couple tIB mp3s over on that side of the page again.

2003.04.14 -
Not much news. We're on a new server though. All current TI buisness is in limbo at the moment.

2002.05.27 - 
Ok, this is how things are coming together right now:
Toxic Incinerator has remixed the Chris Dunnett song "El Samuraichi."  If you've ever wondered
what Drum n' Bass, Trip Hop and Flamenco would sound like together, this is your answer.
Look for it on Chris's site.

As it stands, the electronic album is being delayed so that scratch tracks and final vocals for the
next two Innocent Barstools albums can be recorded.  Once Portable Texas Studios are relocated
to the Lone Star State, the recorded history of the Barstools might well be completed.

The epic recording of Transmute will resume once at least one of the Barstools albums (The Curse of the
Orange Grasshopper
) and TI's Pulse are completed.  In other words, don't expect it to appear too soon.
If it's completed by the end of 2002, we'll be pleasantly surprised.

2002.02.10 - 
PULSE preview track (and instructions) now available.
How'd you get to here and miss that???

2002.02.05 - 
Major overhaul with all sorts of new goodies.  This site looks almost professional.
Look out Yahoo!  Here we come.

On another matter, an all-electronica album is in the works while Portable Texas Studios
are disassembled.  Keep watching the site as a preview mp3 will probably get posted soon.
Once the studio's resurrected, a new Innocent Barstools album is on deck
(The Curse of the Orange Grasshopper)
This will be followed (hopefully not too long afterwards) by the double disc TI wonder

10/3/00 -
The site's got a facelift (well, more of a veil really), there are
MP3s up now for the Medication and FLAME albums. On top of that, there's
a website hit count killing picture of my visage up on the band page
(taken while I was baking in the Houston sun waiting for The Who's Tommy
to start -- photo taken by Allison Frantz).

6/2/00 -
The pseudosynth album is now up in .mp3 format. Please enjoy
(and tell your friends!).

5/25/00 -
Hey, I got in a news update BEFORE two years. That's pretty good.
Anyway, the second album came out as a single disc (sorry), and now
there's a third. We've also got our new, fancy .com site up now!
Don't worry, there WILL be new graphics before too long.

6/19/98 -
The new T.I. album should be out soon. It is (as currently planned)
going to be a double album featuring one disc of psychosis and dementia,
and one album of more "normal" songs.

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