Song Meanings (The song's about...):

"Wake Up To Me" - () getting someone to resolve their fears and worries by realizing something that was always inside.

"The Luckiest Guy in the World" - () celebrating the one you're with.

"It's Better To" - () moving beyond pain and suffering to find happyness in the wake of love.

"If Beauty Had" - () finding the infinitely extraordinary in one's own seemingly normal life.

"I Will Not Go Away" - () never floundering or backing down and always being the one constant that someone can depend on.

"Have You Ever...?" - () being completely captivated by someone while at the same time being completely petrified for the same reasons.

"Dirty" - () being so close to someone that part of that person stays with you wherever you go and whatever you do.

"Siren" - () being drawn by someone who could lead to your desruction, but you hope will instead be your salvation.

"Satin and Pearls" - () a normal person finding a supernormal person and offering all one ever could.

"Silver-Tipped Wings" - () moving with confidence and without fear.

"MPtTOtWaISI" ["My Plan to Take Over the World as I See It"] - () wanting only the best for someone, and wanting to be the one giving that best.

"Valentine" - () giving away a part of you that can't be given away.

"Warm" - () getting closer to someone close to you.