Song Meanings (The song's about...):

"Puis Qu'en Oubli" - () remaining faithful to someone even if it guarantees you a lifetime of sadness and loneliness.

"I Did It All For You" - () a person who did anything for someone's attention -- to the point of destroying others.

"Where I Go" - () trying hard to forget someone because remembering would be more painful.

"Snow White" - () a person who sought comfort/refuge in the wrong place.

"Thunder in the Texas Sky" - () being faithful and noble to the one who betrayed you.

"Catch Flies" - () a person who enamors and entraps others only to such them dry and hollow from the inside.

"Designer Drug" - () people who will do anything for attention, even if it means destroying themselves.

"Thinking of Bullets" - () waiting for a response after revealing something that had been heavily emotionally guarded.

"Locked Out" - () coming to the realization that it's your own fault that you've been pushed away.

"I Feel Like Crying" - () feeling helpless and trapped with no way out from a cage that doesn't really exist.

"Three Days to Say 'I'm Sorry'" - () what can happen if you wait too long because of stubborness or pride.

"Too Late" - () what can happen if you wait too long because you're slow in realizing your feelings.

"The Lucky One" - () missing and longing for someone and wondering if the feelings are mutual.